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Veterinary Reviews 

We value our clients’ experience at Acacia Animal Hospital.

We love our clients and patients!

We value our clients’ experience at Acacia Animal Hospital. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

Woke up on Saturday and my dog wasn’t feeling well was having a problem with her ear. Even though she isn’t a patient there, I called Acacia and they got her in for an appointment 45 minutes later. The vet tech and the vet were both super kind and gentle with her and answered all my questions. Will definitely put this place on my speed dial!

Reggie V

We are so so so so so glad we found them. They totally saved our dog’s life.

Our dog hadn’t been eating for about a week, then he started showing other disturbing symptoms. When we called our normal vet on a Friday morning they told us they couldn’t see us until Monday. So we called Acacia, said the same exact thing, and they got us in that afternoon. Then they called back a few hours later to say they’d had a cancellation and got us in even earlier because his symptoms sounded worrisome.

To make a long story short over the next week the dog had two surgeries, one to remove the undergarments he’d dined on from his small intestine, and then another to fix a hernia that developed after surgery. He also got to have plasma infusions after his liver stopped functioning. He spent Monday through Saturday hospitalized.

All of the staff, the front desk people, the vet techs, the hospital manager and the vet himself were so amazing and supportive. They clearly cared about saving our dog, even though at times it seemed not possible. Two different staff members were telling us how anyone who had a day off was texting to check on how our dog was doing. They also made it clear that they supported whatever decisions we made regarding his care.

Everyone there was so enthusiastic and clearly like their jobs. I heard the vet asking who wanted to come in and check on the dog in the middle of the night when we first left him on Monday night and one of the girls yelled out “I do!” So awesome.

I think our dog flexed a good portion of the skills they have over there last week he had so many procedures.

But now he is home and bouncy as ever, so we are definitely customers for life!

Melissa J

Great location, nice/clean atmosphere Dr. Laudonio was kind and patient with my nervous pooch. It was fast/easy to make an appointment will definitely use this vet in the future.
Sonia R

Marc, Brendan and the staff did an exceptional job. This was my first visit to this office and I was treated incredibly well. My cat, Tony was very ill. Every step I made was aided by Marc and Brendan. There was no push to buy anything, leave him there overnight, no push for extensive diagnostics to determine the problem. I felt confident in doing a preliminary blood panel. After twenty minutes past, Brendan brought Tony back to me. My cat was purring and calm. Not what I expected. To placate the story, I decided it was time to put my beloved cat to rest. Tony felt no pain. I have never seen him so at peace. Marc and Brendan stayed with me and talked for a bit. The listened to me recite some of my fondest memories. I didn’t feel at all rushed and I felt very safe/relaxed with them. Despite my loss, I have gained new friends. I have a couple other cats and Acacia will be their new place for check ups and care. Honestly….Thank You!

I’ve been bringing my dogs and cat to Acacia since they opened about 2 years ago. It is a beautiful facility and the staff is very friendly and educated. Dr. Laudonio is always kind and patient and compassionate. They never make me feel like they are trying to sell me something or pressure me into doing something my pets don’t need. I’ve had wonderful experiences there and would highly recommend them for your pets. I’m sorry you had a bad experience at Acacia Francisca but you obviously don’t know a lot about this hospital and what they do to help the rescue community. Your review is very one sided you must have misunderstood their intentions. Acacia does a lot of work with the rescue group F.A.I.R and several other rescue groups in town including helping one of the wildlife rescue groups in town for FREE! (I’ve spoken to one of the foster families for F.A.I.R in the waiting room while waiting for my appointment) . They are definitely not money driven ,just compassionate and kind.
Audrey C

We are very happy with Acacia Animal Clinic on Campbell and River (Trader Joe’s strip mall). We have had our cats treated by the owner, Dr. Laudonio and another vet there whose name I cannot remember. They are not cheap, but I suppose they are not overly-priced, either as vet costs are always pricey wherever you go.

The vets always give good explanations of what is going on. They treat the animals kindly. They have a comfortable enough lobby and treatment rooms. They sometimes prescribe Chinese herbal or natural remedies if it applies and will help.

One time, one of our cats suffered from pancreatitus and some sort of fatty tumor. She needed surgery but of course, no way we could afford it. Since we had to think about spending $1500 for surgery and tests, the vet gave us some sort of herb to try. She explained that sometimes it works great, sometimes not at all. In three days, the tumor was gone. I like their openness to alternative medicines while being up to date on the latest in traditional practices.

Brad H

I have been a bad mom. My poor dogs had gone years without their shots or licenses or even a checkup. I guiltily brought them in (seperate occasions of course) and within an hour felt absolved. An incredibly friendly staff, who didn’t mind the piles of fur and rivers of drool flying all over by my overstimulated, oversized dogs and very efficient, caring vets. I left with a clearer conscience and a plan for my doggies health (sorry guys, you are getting your fangs scraped.) Good people.
Dena E

Dr. Marc, Brendan, and the ENTIRE staff are extremely professional, sympathetic and empathetic to a fault and have the deepest respect and love for the creatures they treat and the humans who love these same creatures. I met Dr Mark and Brendan under the worst possible circumstances; having to put my beloved lab Taz to sleep after 17 years. They were incredibly kind and sensitive and loved Taz to the other side. You don’t find people like this very often. They have my heartfelt respect and confidence!

My cat was really sick, they got us right in and explained what all my options were. They only recommended what was necessary and they explained why. The whole staff is friendly and knowledgable, and I’m happy to report my cat is much better thanks to the care he got at Acacia!